How do I use my Easyrider?


Please show your card (photo side) to the driver

Images of cards

Place your card on the new green reader. Don't move until you see:

Green Tick A green tick and a beep will indicate your card is valid for travel - remove card and sit down.
Orange Tick An orange tick and a beep sound reminds you that your card will need renewing soon.
Red Cross A red cross and a warning noise indicates there is a problem with your card, please consult the driver.

The reader will show the number of travel days remaining on your card or your expiry date.

Any new travel you have purchased on Easyrider Everyday but not yet activated will show as "additional travel pending". This new expiry date will show once this travel is used for the first time.

Please note if a card is shown to more than one reader within a five minute period the reader will display a not valid image on the screen.

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