The Easyrider Guide

Find the right card for you
  • Cheaper
    than on bus fares
  • Never have to worry
    about having your fare again
  • Unlimited
    all day travel across the NCT network*
  • Student discount available
    20% off adult prices
  • Easy online account
    facility to manage and view your travel
  • Enjoy offers & discounts
    at over 80 outlets

What is an Easyrider Card?

It is a convenient, prepaid smart travel card which provides UNLIMITED all day travel, including late night buses, across the NCT network* at prices cheaper than on bus cash tickets.

These cards can be managed and renewed by phone or at the NCT Travel Centre in the Old Market Square.

Images of cards

Easyrider Extras

Easyrider cards not only offer the best value prices to travel on our extensive network, but now they can also be used to redeem discounts and added valued deals at outlets across the network.

Simply show your new Easyrider card in the outlet when you pay for your goods and services to enjoy the deal.

Download the pdf directory

What type of card do I need?


Individual smart days travel - for all passengers wishing to save money and pay in a more convenient manner.

Purchase from 5 to 150 individual travel days for unlimited journeys across the network that day. The more days you buy the cheaper the cost.


A consecutive days travel card for frequent users – the cheapest way to travel on NCT.

Buy a week, or up to a year's worth of unlimited travel across the NCT network. The more you buy the cheaper it is.


Topup a Purse card with as little as £5 and save 20% on single and return fares for journeys outside the City Area, including tickets bought for friends or family travelling with you.